We assist firms/organisations and private parties, and give advice and help both in counselling and court proceedings within central legal fields.

Our main legal fields are labour rights, criminal law, family law, compensation and contract law, but we are not limited to these fields, and will accept other cases as well. 

BAX law firm is highly qualified within procedures and conflict mediation, both within and outside of court. We have long experience in legal counselling of children and youth, especially when it comes to issues in the matter of child welfare-cases and criminal law.  

We value every client and their case, and take our pride in giving you an efficient and thorough guidance throughout any process. If you are uncertain about the need of legal aid – do not hesitate to contact us for an evasive evaluation.


Annette Rygg


Brit Kjelleberg


Camilla Opaker


Stine Lundevall

Trainee lawyer

Torkel Skaug-Ødegård

Legal assistant